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Want to lose weight and keep a cool body? Check out these 10 foods to avoid to have a flat stomach.

The video we brought shows you a list of 10 foods for you to avoid eating if you want to keep in shape.

Specifically the flat belly!

Check out the video below and put it into practice.

Summary of 10 foods to avoid to have a flat stomach

It sounds silly but if you avoid this list below, you will surely have the benefit of weight loss.

Not only will your health improve, but also your aesthetics and your self-esteem.

1 – Stop Chewing Gum

Chewing gum causes your brain to produce gastric juice making you feel hungry without mentioning the sugar in it.

2- Foods rich in sodium

Frozen meats, cereals, canned soups, canned vegetables, spaghetti sauces, canned seafood and others.

Limit salt and sugar. Sodium retains liquid and interferes with weight loss.

3 – Fast Food

Stop eating snacks of this type. No further…

4 – Alcohol

Alcohol increases appetite and abdominal volume.

5 – Soda

It slows down your metabolism, takes gas to your stomach and intestines and even low-calorie sodas are bad for weight loss.

6 – Mayonnaise

Contains at least 80% fat, we don’t need to say anything else right?

7 – French Fries

It absorbs saturated fat and even harms the brain so that it doesn’t realize the amount of fat it is eating, making you eat more than you should.

8 – Ice cream

Food very rich in sugar and consequently becomes abdominal fat.

9 – Foods that cause bloating

Exercise and avoid foods that can cause bloating (cabbage, lentils, beans and wheat). Even though you are thin, there are people who have a tummy and this can help to decrease.

10 – Zero sugar products

Sugar substitutes are effective against diabetes. Replace with honey that is better.

Our suggestion below:
Make a list of foods.

Try to take this list when you go shopping.

You may miss one or the other, but over time, you get used to it.

It is not to be radical either. Reach your goal and try to maintain it but of course you will not be beaten if you commit one abuse or another.

We hope you liked it and that your belly is the way you like it.

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10 foods to avoid to have a flat stomach

10 foods to avoid to have a flat stomach

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